【Product Feature】

High removal effect
Eliminate high level formaldehyde gas very quickly and keep up the safety level.
Safe product
Executed safety check at the laboratory institution and confirmed no toxic elution.
Long-lasting effect
High removal performance lasts for a long-term at the noraml room.
World business partner-more than 13 countries. (KOREA, CHINA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDIA, USA, ITALY etc.)

Comparative table】

ItemS-3TAnother aldehyde removerNatural aldehyde removerPhotocatalyst
MechanismAbsorption of functional groupOrganic acid neutralization effectAbsorption/Neutralization effectOxidative decomposition by active oxygen
DeteriorationAlmost noneHydrolytic degradationHydrolytic
Almost none
Effect speedFastFastFastSlow
Lasting efficacy3-5years1-2years1-2months2-3years
DiscolorationNoneChange colorChange colorNone

【Removal Formaldehyde gas Performance】

S-3T removes lots of formaldehyde gas that can be found indoor very quickly.


【Maximum removal performance】

We confirmed maximum removal amount of formaldehyde gas by repeated test. According to this test result, we create our original calculation formula to derive the proper usage amount for any target locations.


Lasting Durability

【Mechanism of S-3T】

The main component S-3T is silicone dioxide. It is bond with functional groups in our own way of sol-gel method.


By polymerizing amino group that has the special treatment and Silica group, S-3 T absorbs chemical substances that has aldehyde group, such as formaldehyde.

消臭コーティング剤 S-3T 成分重合イメージ図