【Product for Formaldehyde removal measure】

Odor eliminating fluid S-3T is developed with our own technology in Marusyosangyo co.,Ltd. This is the special coating fluid to be able to remove formaldehyde gas and other aldehyde class gas.

 In Japan, indoor formaldehyde gas level is regulated under Building Standards Act. In thus reason, generally building s and houses are applied the measure against formaldehyde and VOC gas before start to live.

 On the other hand, almost people don't care about formaldehyde gas level when they purchase new furniture or renovate the house or buildings. Therefore, you may inhale formaldehyde gas daily without even noticing and might be sick building syndrome in the end. So, you should really concern about formaldehyde after read this.

Odor eliminating fluid S-3T is the best solution for sick building syndrome. Even if people don't have enough information about sick building syndrome, S-3T will give them new realization.
S-3T ApplicationOdor eliminating fluid S-3T can be used indoor such as wall, ceiling, furniture. After coating application, S-3T start to absorb and remove formaldehyde gas and other aldehyde class gas.

 Normally it is said that building materials and furniture continue to emission formaldehyde gas for two or three years.

 Basically, formaldehyde gas level is measured before coating. The measurement result can be derived the usage amount and how much S-3T can remove formaldehyde gas by our original calculation system. This is one of the features of S-3T.

 It is very important to apply the proper amount because formaldehyde level is different depends on each room. Once you apply S-3T indoor, the efficacy lasts for a long-term and you can keep the indoor environment very safe and comfortable.

【Registered to UNIDO】

Our technology (Odor Eliminating Fluid S-3T) is registered to Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform (STePP)
of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Investment and Technology Promotion Office, Tokyo (ITPO Tokyo)