S-3T has two ways of coating application as below.

1: On-site coating

On site coating, please use spray gun (air, automatic) or roller.

2: Factory coating

The benefit of factory coating is to be able to apply S-3T on the various material surface. Regardless of the hardness and the materials, the factory coating is available to us by selecting proper application way.

Coating machine
Method:Roll coater, Air blade coater
Material:Wallpaper, Flexible materials (Sheet type is the best)
Ex: Blade coater
Spraying machine
Method:Spray coater, Flow coater
Material:Hard materials (Ex: Plywood, Particle board etc.)
スプレー処理Ex: Spray coater

【Application Location】

House, Office, Complex building, Hotel, Condominium, Nursing home, Hospital, Office, Furniture etc.