Are you suffering from the following symptoms? It might be sick building syndrome.

These symptoms are common at sick building syndrome. ※
Check if you have sick building syndrome.

目に刺激があり、チカチカする。Irritation of eyeRunning nose, CoughWatery eyes
Headache, Dizziness, NauseaFeverFatigue, Sleepy
Eczema, ItchingDifficulty breathing, Chest tightnessIrritation of throat, nose. Dry nose, dry throat
※These symptoms are just references for you. If you have some health concern, please see your physician.

【The cause of sick building syndrome】

The cause of sick building syndrome is the high VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) level indoor.


VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)Indoor standard level
Source of releaseBuilding Standard Act※2
Measurement/Regulation substances
Adhesive, Plywood, Particle board, MDF,
Floor materials, Insulation, Vinyl wall aper, Starch adhesive for wallpaper etc.
Oil Varnish, Adhesive〇Measurement
Oil Varnish, Alkyd coating, Acrylic oil coating, Adhesive etc.〇Measurement
Ethyl Benzene3800μg
Oil coating, Adhesive etc.〇Measurement
Oil coating, Adhesive etc.〇Measurement
Oil coating, Adhesive etc.
Oil coating, Adhesive etc.
(Child:0.1μg, 0.007ppb)
Banned Substance◎Regulation
Oil coating, Adhesive etc.
Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate)100μg
Oil coating, Adhesive etc.
Reference※1: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: Indicator value for chemical substances in the indoor air.
※2: Under Building Standard Act, all buildings need to be measured indoor VOC gas level at handover process. VOC should be lower than this indicator. Regarding with regulation substances, MHLW controls the usage amount depends on the materials that contains formaldehyde.

【Why Formaldehyde solution is so important? 】

 Generally, great amount of formaldehyde gas is used various places, such as plywood, adhesive, particle board and so on, and it is recognized as the main serious problem in VOC.

Therefore, under Building Standards Act executed the law that formaldehyde level has to be supervised by two different ways.
However, we can still find formaldehyde gas anywhere and it is hard to eliminate the gas from our life completely.

 Why we need to be care about formaldehyde so much?

 Because Formaldehyde is cancer causing substance and the very dangerous chemical.

 That's why we have to understand that we have always health risk by formaldehyde emission in our daily life.

  Even if the gas level is very low, we have the risk to be sick building syndrome or chemical sensitivity by inhaling formaldehyde gas in daily. Furthermore, you will have the risk to have cancer such as leukemia depends on the emission gas volume.
Measurement of formaldehyde level

【How do you solve formaldehyde problem? 】

One of the famous solutions is to ventilate air indoor.

However, mostly it is not enough solution because formaldehyde gas level is different depends on the room area and interior.

Moreover, it takes a long time to stop formaldehyde gas emission naturally.

In thus reasons, it has been difficult to have the proper solution for formaldehyde problem.
Odor eliminating fluid S-3T is the innovative solution for formaldehyde problem. What is the innovative point is to be able to calculate the reduction amount of formaldehyde.

Easy 3 Steps calculation
1 Measure formaldehyde level indoor before coating application.
2 The measured level calculates all formaldehyde amount in our own way program.
3 The proper usage amount of S-3T is derived from the program.

After you conduct coating application with this usage calculated amount indoor, formaldehyde gas is removed correctly.